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Ashley P.

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Year of Graduation: 
A little bit about myself: 
I am half Portuguese and the other half is a mix of Italian and a few other things. The thing that is most important in my life is my family. I wouldn't know who or where I would be with out them. MY MOM IS MY BESTFRIEND I LOVE HER! I'd do anything for my family. ANYTHING!
My Dream Job: 
To travel the world and get payed
Zodiac Sign: 
My perfect date: 
Perfect dates to me are new and fun things that I have never done before!
Most embarrassing moment: 
Too embarrassing to post!
Biggest Turn-On: 
Nice teeth, bad boy, sweet at heart
Celebrity Crush: 
Gerard Butler
Favorite Music Artist: 
Mariah Carey
My hottest outfit: 
A bandage dress
Best pick-up line: 
The classic: did you fall from heaven because you must be an angel.
One thing I'd bring to a desert island: 
Dora because she has everything in her back pack lol
My best friend would describe me as: 
Funny interesting you never know what your going to get!
If my life was a movie, the title would be?: 
Too much to handle!
One thing I'd like to ask Siri on the iPhone: 
I have seri and I never have anything to ask her :/
Favorite Campus Hotspot: 
Best Shoes: